Hosting Your Event

Hosting on UltraSignup

  • How can I host an event with UltraSignup?

    Simple, Visit this page to setup your event now.

    *If you do not have an UltraSignup account create one Here

    This guide will walk you through various steps of the setup process.

  • Why choose UltraSignup for hosting your event?
    1. Premier Trail Running Hub: UltraSignup proudly hosts a vast array of North America's top-tier trail running events. As the go-to platform for trail enthusiasts, we attract runners seeking unforgettable trail experiences.
    2. Trail Icons' Playground: Host your events alongside renowned trail icons. Whether you're new to the trail scene or an established event organizer, position your races where passionate trail runners are actively looking for their next race and qualifiers. Join the ranks of iconic events like Hardrock 100, Western States Endurance Runs, HURT 100, Wasatch 100, Run Rabbit Run. Host your events alongside esteemed groups such as Aravaipa Running, Destination Trail, Daybreak Racing, Go Beyond Racing, Yeti Trail Runners and many more. 
    3. Preferred Results Platform: Our platform is the favored choice for trail runners to showcase their running achievements.
    4. Free Timing Software: Access our complimentary timing software available for all events on our site, compatible with both iOS and Android. This invaluable resource can save races substantial costs.
    5. Shared Success: We're invested in your event's triumph. Explore marketing opportunities and receive valuable guidance from experienced Race Directors (RDs) in our FaceBook Group to ensure your event flourishes on our platform. We want to see your event succeed, ask us about marketing opportunities!

    At UltraSignup, we're dedicated to empowering every event to thrive. Reach out to us for more information on various hosting aspects and unlock the expertise of seasoned RDs.

  • What are the event hosting fees on UltraSignup?

    Our event hosting fees are calculated based on a percentage tied to the event's ticket price. You have the flexibility to either add these fees to the event price (where the runner covers the fees) or offset them (where you cover the fees). These fees encompass all transaction charges associated with processing credit cards. For detailed fee specifics, please reach out to our support team, and we'll gladly provide further information.

  • Can I host my event registration on AND another platform?

    Unfortunately, no. We've found that maintaining support for runners and race directors across multiple platforms can be challenging. To ensure the best experience for everyone and set our support team up for success, we've chosen to centralize event listings solely on UltraSignup.

    However, there's a slight exception for international events (excluding Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, & Northern Mariana Islands). Understanding that registrants in different countries prefer familiar registration channels, we allow international events to dual host, provided that UltraSignup exclusively manages registrations within the United States.

  • Can I list my event with UltraSignup but host it elsewhere?

    Unfortunately, we can't permit events to occupy advertising space on our platform while being hosted elsewhere. To ensure visibility on our platform, events need to be hosted directly on UltraSignup.

  • Does UltraSignup allow free & fatass events to be hosted on the platform?

    We allow free events (fatasses) on the platform because they can be a good way for race directors to test a race concept before going all in. However, we do have a few expectations. Please review the list below: 

    1. Registration for fatass events must open a minimum of 90 days prior to the event date.
    2. You must have a working website with information (not a Facebook page, but a real website). 
    3. You must have 7+ high-quality images and a detailed event and course description to add to your UltraSignup event page.

    If your event is occurring within the next 90 days and/or you do not have the information listed above, then unfortunately we cannot activate your event at this time. Once you do meet these requirements, we encourage you to resubmit your event. 

    Additionally, paid events allow us to provide support to our race directors, so be aware that we will not be able to prioritize service for free events, as much as we may love the concept.


Race Director Accounting

  • How do I get paid?

    We work with two payment processors— for US transactions and Stripe for non-US transactions. 

    If you’re on Authorize, we manage your payment/statements; for Stripe users, Stripe handles your payouts as per your account settings.

    For accounts setup on Authorize, statements run on the 1st and 15th of each month, or the closest business day if these dates fall on a weekend, with funds typically hitting your account in 2-3 business days.

    Stripe deposits funds per your settings and settlement of the transactions.

  • Why haven’t I received a deposit?

    Common reasons for delayed deposits:

    1. Make sure you have added your bank account, and all numbers are correct.
    2. Missing details like entity information (SSN or EIN) or bank info hinder payments.
    3. The contact adding the bank account gets linked to it in the system (they are recognized as the account treasurer) and, therefore, must be listed in your event contacts; otherwise, there might be an unlinked treasurer issue, delaying fund deposits. To fix this, add the contact or contact support to update the bank account details.
    4. After added, each account undergoes an approval process which might delay payments if the account is added close to statement dates.
    5. A minimum balance of $100 is required for payouts; balances below this will roll over to the next payment date.
  • What does “Net Payout” represent on my statement?

    The net amount at the bottom of your statement encompasses total funds collected, inclusive of taxes. In cases where tax responsibility lies with us or partially with us, we’ll deduct the taxes we must file. Your Net Payout amount at the top of your statement is your definitive payment reference after taxes and adjustments.

  • Why are recent charges not included on my latest statement?

    Your statements might display transaction dates as ranges like “28-12th” and “13-27.” This occurs because we only process transactions once funds have completely settled in the merchant account.

  • Can I issue refunds from UltraSignup?

    Refunds can be processed for up to 90 days after transaction date through our platform with Authorize, but not with Stripe. Any refunds issued will reflect as adjustments on your statement. If there’s an outstanding unpaid balance visible in green on your refunds page, you can issue refunds from that amount. It’s crucial not to refund more than your balance. If necessary, reach out to our support team to add funds to your reserve or wait until more funds accrue from open registrations. Note that a $1 charge per refund is applied to cover processing costs, evident as an adjustment on your statement.

  • What is the chargeback adjustment to my statement?

    Chargebacks, unfortunately, occur occasionally. This means that a runner disputed the registration charge. When they do, the funds, along with additional fees, are automatically deducted from our merchant account. Consequently, these deducted funds will reflect on your statement. This underscores the importance of having a visible refund policy in your registration details.

  • Can I temporarily pause my deposits?

    Absolutely! If you need to put your deposits on hold, just get in touch with our team and provide the timeline.

  • Can I request paper checks in place of ACH deposits?

    Under special or unique circumstances we will issue a paper check. If you opt for a paper check, which we don’t recommend, funds will be mailed only after your event registration concludes. No exceptions.

  • How is the sales tax determined for an event?

    Tax rates are based on the zip code used for the event. However, if a participant purchases an Addon and it is shipped, the rate used is based on the shipped to location.

    Many states are hopping aboard the marketplace facilitator train, bringing some changes to how taxes are handled. Good news for most states, but holdouts include Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon—folks in these states, you’re still in charge of handling your own tax filing.

    So, when does this tax responsibility shift to UltraSignup? Keep an eye on your pricing page. Once we hit that sales threshold in your state, it switches to “UltraSignup collects and files on your behalf.” Until then, it remains your responsibility.

Timing & Results

Timing & Results

  • Why are my results listed as “less than 10 finishers”?

    Currently, for results to receive rankings, an event must have a minimum of 10 finishers. While the publication process remains the same, we do not assign rankings to events with less than 10 finishers as it could affect the ranking system's accuracy. We're eager to assist in boosting your event's participation, so please reach out for support if needed.

    If your race had more than 10 participants but several did not finish (DNF), contact our support team. We're more than happy to discuss reverting your event so that runners can be ranked.

  • I am no longer seeing the option to edit results for my event?

    Once you are past 30 days, you will need to contact the UltraSignup team for updates.

  • I didn’t load results for my event, how were they loaded?

    The system will remind you if results for your event have not been loaded. After a certain period of time, if the results have not been submitted, our results team will try to locate the official results and get them loaded for you. We typically receive regular runner inquiries until we do. If they happen to be incorrect, please let us know, and we can quickly get them corrected.

  • Can I load results if my race was not hosted on UltraSignup?

    Yes, you can. Simply visit this page, and you will see instructions for how to get the results loaded.

  • What are the charges for using the UltraSignup Race Timer?

    No charges at all! If you're using our platform to manage your event registrations, the race timer comes as a complimentary feature at no additional cost!

  • How do I access the UltraSignup Race Timer?

    The UltraSignup Race Timer can be downloaded via the App Store for iOS devices or via the Google Play Store for Android devices. For a list of devices that are no longer supported, please click here.

  • Is a data or Wifi connection necessary for the race timer?

    Not at all! Our app is specifically crafted to function seamlessly WITHOUT requiring Wi-Fi or connectivity. However, please note that any updates or modifications made on after setting up the app won’t reflect in the app itself.

  • What types of events can I time using the race timer?

    You've got plenty of options with our race timer! Here's what you can do:

    1. Record finish times at the finish line for fixed distance events.

    2. Capture multiple laps at the finish line for fixed distance events.

    3. Track time at multiple aid stations.

    4. Record multiple laps at each aid station.

    5. Record loops in timed events.

    6. Relay Events.

  • Can I use multiple devices to record at a single location?

    Sure! However, it's essential to note that these devices function independently. The devices don't communicate with each other. While you can use multiple devices at the same location, additional devices should only be used for backup reference. When you publish results from one device and then publish from a second device, the results won't be merged; instead, the second publication will override the initial results.

  • Race timer, unsupported devices.

    Devices no longer supported:

    • Amazon Fire HD 6 (2014)
    • Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 (2014)
    • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX WAN (2013)
    • Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)
    • Amazon Fire 7 (2017)
    • Amazon Fire HD 8 (2015)
    • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 WAN (2013)
    • Amazon Fire HD 10 (2015)
    • Amazon Kindle Fire HD (2013)
    • Amazon Fire (2015)
    • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (2013)
    • Amazon Fire Phone
    • Amazon Fire HD 7 (2014)
    • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2013)
    • Amazon Fire HD 8 (2016)
    • Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 WAN (2014)
    • Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017)

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

  • What are the gift card denominations available for purchase?

    At this time, you can purchase any amount between $20 and $80.

  • My gift card is being declined, but I have not made any purchases.

    Once you input your card number in the shopping cart and hit APPLY, the funds are immediately redeemed. To have the funds restored, please reach out to the UltraSignup support team for assistance.

  • Can I use more than one gift card in a single transaction?

    No, at this time you can only use one gift card per transaction.

  • Entered the wrong recipient email address

    You should see a link to the help center in the gift card confirmation email you received.

    1. Simply visit this page:
    2. Add your email address and click "send me the link"
    3. Once you receive your verification email, click "View my gift card information"
    4. When redirected, you will see a link to "resend card", where you will be able to enter the correct email address.
  • Do I have to use my entire gift card balance?

    No, during the transaction, simply specify the exact amount you wish to deduct from the gift card in the 'amount' field. Only this specified amount will be authorized for that transaction.

  • What if the event registration is more than the maximum gift card amount?

    The maximum gift card purchase limit is $80. If you're aware of the event your friend wants to register for and the cost exceeds $80, you can still register your friend for that particular event as a guest rather than using a gift card.

Member Accounts

Member Account

  • How do I change my password?

    While logged in to your account, you can change your password by navigating to your account info menu >> account links >> change your password.  

    If you are unable to login, you can use the Forgot Password? link.  

  • How do I change the last name on my account?

    Please see this guide. 

  • How do I contact the race director?

    You can contact them via the “Ask a Question” green button on the registration page.

  • What questions should I direct to the race director?

    You will need to contact the RD with the following questions: 

    1. I don’t see the option to edit my registration. (ex: cancel and order, transfer a bib, change distance)
    2. Refund questions
    3. Race day information
    4. Race day registration questions
    5. Directions
    6. Complaints

    The support team is more than happy to assist, however we do not manage individual events. The race director will have all the race related information you need!

  • How do I update my payment method?

    You can only add payment methods when checking out, but you can remove them at any time.

    You can remove your payment profiles(s) here:

Registration & Credits

Member Registration & Credits

  • Can’t find your credit?

    If your credits do not appear in your registration history, but you are certain that the race director has created a credit – you may need to ask what email address the credit was applied to. OR try registering for the event without logging in to your account. If the credits do not apply to your cart at checkout, contact the RD and do not complete the purchase.

  • Where is my rollover credit?

    Rollover credits will not be visible in your registration history until the event has been renewed. Once the event is renewed and the race director applies the credits from the previous year, they will appear in your outstanding credits.

  • Can I use my credit to register for any race on the platform?

    No. When you initially registered for the event, your payment went directly to Group/Business/or Event. Therefore, the credit they’ve granted can solely be used for another event they organize.

  • My credit says “All Events”, what does that mean?

    Any credits labeled “All Events” means your credit can be applied to any race in that group of events.

    If the credit is set up on a single event, the credit can only be used for that specific event.

  • I am a lottery applicant, how do lotteries work?

    Popular events that sell out within a day, often chose to hold a lottery for their race. A lottery adds organization to the signup process and ensures that participants have a fair chance at having their application considered. Lottery events typically open registration for a week or two allowing everyone to register for the event. The individual must complete the online application as if they were registering for a non-lottery style event. The applicant enters their payment information, but are not charged unless they are selected. After open registration closes(typically open for 1-2 weeks), the race director draws the specified number of entries from the pool of applications received. That list of orders is sent to Ultrasignup for payment processing, UltraSignup immediately charges the applicant’s card. If a card payment fails, the applicant will automatically receive an email to rectify the issue.

  • I need to be refunded for my registration, how do I go about that?

    Typically, events have a refund policy on their website or event page, check it out and contact the race director, if necessary.


    We do not provide refunds to participants, that is a decision made by the specific event director.

  • The event I want to register for is sold out, but has a waitlist. What is that?

    A waitlist is used by the race director to manage the number of participants in their event. Most events have a capacity and when that capacity is reached, registration typically shuts down. With a waitlist, registration remains open, but registrants are added to a queue. Wait listers are not charged. If the director decides to let people in from the waitlist, each participant will be sent an email asking if they are still interested. If you answer yes, your card on file will be charged and you will be added. If you do not wish to participate, click no and you will not be charged. Directors control whether they intend to have a waitlist and control the selection process on their end.

  • Registration appears to be closed, can I still register?

    If the registration date has passed, then you can no longer register online. However, the event may offer race day registration, but we cannot confirm that. You will need to check for race day registration details in the event description or possibly on the event’s website.

    If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please try contacting the director. The director can be reached from the registration page via the green “ask a question” button.

  • I registered for a Waitlist/Lottery, and I need to update my payment method.

    You can only add payment methods when checking out, but you can remove them at any time.

    You can remove your payment profiles(s) here:

    If you are chosen for a waitlist or lottery, and your original card is declined, you will receive instructions on how to update your payment method in your confirmation email.

  • How do I change my distance or transfer my bib to another runner?

    Some events allow participants to transfer their bib to another runner or edit their race distance. If this has been enabled, you will see the option to transfer or change your distance from your registration edit screen. To get there, visit your “Registration History” page (if you were logged in when you registered).

    Member History  

    If you do not see the event there, then you may have registered for the event as a guest. If that’s the case, you can use this page to resend your confirmation email and use the edit link in the email:

    Send a confirmation email

    If you do not see that option on your order edit page, you will need to contact the race directly, they have not enabled that feature for their event. You can typically contact the director via the Green “Ask A Question” button on the registration page, else, visit the event’s website for contact info.

  • Can I edit my registration i.e. change my shirt size?

    To edit your registration, navigate to your registration history and click the edit link next to the event you wish to make changes to. If you do not see the event in your history, you likely registered as a guest.

    If you were not logged in when you registered, you can edit from your event receipt. If you need a copy of your receipt, you can request one here:  

  • I am trying to cancel my order, but I don’t see the option.

    By default, you can only cancel up to three days prior to the event. Please contact the RD for further assistance.

  • I would like to cancel my registration.

    If you would like to withdraw your name from an event, simply log into your account and navigate to your “Registration History” link. You may cancel your order there.
    If you did not register when logged in, you can still use the “edit” link on your confirmation email. Don’t have your confirmation email? You can have it resent here.

  • How can I find out if I am registered for an event?

    To see if you are registered for an event, log into your UltraSignup account and navigate to your registration history page. Your registration will be listed there if you were logged into your account when you registered:

    Member History 

    If you do not see the event there, then you may have registered for the event as a guest. If that’s the case, you can use this page to resend your confirm:

    Send a confirmation email

    If you are registered for the event you will likely see the upcoming event on your results page (in green) IF the race director has made their entrants list public.

    If the event you are trying to register for is a lottery or you are adding your name to a waitlist, the event will not appear. In that case, you will want to visit the applicant/waitlist list in question. They can generally be found on the event’s registration page. Also remember, if the director has not “activated” the entrant’s list, the upcoming event will not appear on your results page.

  • Where can I get more information about a race I am registered for?

    You may be able to find that information on the event website, or in the description of the registration page. A link to the event’s website can be found on the registration page. If not found there, you may want to ask the director. The director can be reached via the green “Ask a question” button on the registration page.

Member Results

Member Results

  • When are race results available on UltraSignup?

    Results are generally published within 3 days of official results being posted. If you do not see something on our site, you can load them up here

  • Why can’t I see my upcoming event listed in my results?

    Not every event chooses to make their entrants list public. When an entrants list is public, the event appears on a runner’s upcoming calendar, but if the entrants list is hidden, it does not. The event will always show up on result pages once results have been uploaded.

    To confirm you are registered for an event, log into your UltraSignup account and navigate to your registration history page. Your registration will be listed there if you were logged into your account when you registered:

    If you do not see the event there, then you may have registered for the event as a guest. If that’s the case, you can use this page to resend your confirm: 

  • Why can’t I see my upcoming event listed in my results?

    The event will only appear in your upcoming calendar if the race director is displaying the entrant list. If they have disabled the entrant list, it will not appear.

  • Why were my results assigned to another runner with my name?

    Results will occasionally be assigned to the wrong runner.

    You can easily claim your results by clicking the edit link in the top right corner of your results page. You will be redirected to a screen where you can drag and drop the result in your section.

  • There’s someone else’s results in my results

    If you have a common name you will see all runners with that name on the results page and not just yours.

    Results are categorized in our system by first and last name and placed on the same page. On each page, we then group results by the participant’s calculated current age.

    If you need to move a result to your name and age, you can log in and use the edit link on your results page. This is not available on the mobile version of the website, so make sure you use a desktop to make the changes.

    Here is a helpful guide

  • My results are wrong.

    Results are normally loaded by the race director. If there’s a problem with your time or you need a correction made, please contact them. The UltraSignup team will not modify results without the event owner’s permission so it is best to just reach out to the event directly.

    The race director’s contact information can be found on the registration page.

  • What are unofficial results?

    Unofficial results usually mean that you switched distances or got off course. You are getting credit for your effort, but you do not get an official ranking.

  • Why doesn’t my result have a rank?

    Currently, for results to receive rankings, an event must have a minimum of 10 finishers. We do not assign rankings to events with less than 10 finishers as it could affect the ranking system’s accuracy.

  • What is runner rank and how is it calculated?

    Runner rank is simply an average of your past results in our database. Rank is calculated using past results in our database. For each race, we take the gender specific best time(winner) and divide that time by each participant’s time. The result is a value less than 100% with winners receiving the full 100%. The average of the participant’s past races is their ranking. See a video explanation here

  • Why do you have me listed as a DNF when I didn’t even participate?

    Results are loaded by the event directors, if there is an error with results, please contact them to have it corrected. You can typically reach the director by clicking the green “ask a question” button on the event registration page.

  • What does DP mean?

    DP stands for Division Placement.

  • What does the “Target” column mean on the entrants page?

    The target column is simply the average winning time of an event over the past 4 years divided by your “Runner rank”. Like “Runner rank”, it is meant to be a fun way to view your future performances. If you are not happy with the target the computer gave you, use that as a motivator to prove it wrong. It is not perfect and is not meant to interfere with your actual running.

  • Why can’t I open the full results list/why is the result in my list not clickable?

    Events that don’t use UltraSignup for race registration cannot be viewed, but are listed in your results.

  • What are Trophies and how are they awarded?

    Trophies are accolades given out to runners who have the following: A top 3 Finish in an ultra distance race (events must have 10 or more starters), anyone who currently holds a course record in an ultra distance event, has placed at an ultra distance National or World Championship race, a top 10 finish at Western States 100, or who has a fastest top 100 time in our database for the following distances: 100M, 100K, 50M, 50K. We are always loading and cleaning data, so if you see something that we missed or needs correcting, please let us know, via our contact page.

  • Where is my trophy?

    Trophies can take up to a week after results are loaded to appear in your results list.

    As a reminder – trophies are only awarded to ultra distance events.



  • The UltraSignup Race Timer
    • Race Timer and Non-Binary Division:
      • The division selection of non-binary runners is used in the race timer.
      • The non-binary (X) and division are not available in the app at this time.
    • Results Publication in Web App:
      • When results are published in the web app:
    • Handling Publishing Errors:
      • If an error code is received during the publishing process, there’s no need to panic.
    • Publication Timeframe:
      • Depending on the number of results being published, allow up to 30 minutes for results to appear in the web app.
        • If the event is set to have three divisions and the runner registered for the event, the results will display “X” automatically.
        • To resolve the issue:
          • Check the results loader in the web app after a couple of minutes.
          • Your results should be available there.
      • (There may be no issues at all for some)
  • Default Division Settings

    By default, all events are initially set to Male and Female divisions only. As the Race Director, you must update the division settings in your event settings to allow the nonbinary division to appear. Until this update has been made, the event will utilize the division selection of nonbinary runners, and all nonbinary filters will be suppressed.

  • My Participants Need Help With Their Results

    No probelm, please have them contact the support team. We are more than happy to assist.

  • Are Events Offering 3 Divisions Searchable?

    Currently, events set to have three divisions are not searchable on our platform. However, we have plans to make events set to three divisions searchable in the future.

Have more questions? You may find more by searching help guides, or get in touch with the support team.

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