Create a New Event

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  1. Navigate to the homepage
  2. Click “Host an event”
  3. Follow the steps.

Additional Notes:

  • If the event already exists, please do not create a new event, just renew the existing event from the registration page
  • It is mandatory to add a Facebook page OR website during setup. We will not activate your event until we receive a working link
    • It must be a FB page, not an event.
    • Your website must include event information, and all registration links must point to USU.
      (This is how we verify the legitimacy of your event. Yes, unfortunately, we do have people submit fake events. This is simply our effort to prevent these events from slipping through the cracks.)
  • We do not allow dual hosting, meaning you cannot offer event registration on another platform. We search for your event prior to activating, so if we find your event hosted elsewhere we will not activate it.
  • Please try to enter as much information as possible upon setup.
    Legally, we can not advise on waiver verbiage.

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