Editing Participant Records

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Edit Participant Records

registrations >> participants >> click the edit link next to participant record OR search participant and click on their name in the dropdown


The highlighted box to the left displays the type of order. This can include:

  1. Manual Order - You manually added the order
  2. Coupon - The runner used a coupon to register
  3. Pending CC Order waitlist/lottery - The runner has not paid for their registration. They will not be charged until invited to register
  4. Credit Card - The customer has paid

Below the method of payment is the date the participant registered.

The highlighted box on the right is the order number.


  1. View the edit screen as the participant sees it. The user edit is where the runner can edit their race registration. They can transfer their bib, cancel registration, switch distances, update questions, and change shirt size. (depending on your order edit settings)
  2. View the order receipt
  3. Click to resend the confirmation email
  4. Record virtual results if hosting a virtual event.
  5. Add/edit runner bib numberĀ be sure to click the dick icon to save your changes.
  6. Search other participant orders