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Hey, in your event, you have the ability to edit the last day and time that a runner can cancel their registration prior to the event. By default in ultrasignup it's three days [out] so the runner has until three days prior to the event date [to] cancel their registration. If you want to edit this you can navigate to event setup and edit event and click on the order edits tab, scroll all the way to the bottom so you can edit the last day and time to cancel registration. You can also if you want to set the date you'll have to allow participants to cancel their order update if you don't want them to be able to cancel their order you will uncheck this box let's see the last day in time to cancel your volunteer offer as well so if you're using the volunteer feature on the platform then you can update their last day in time to revoke their volunteer offer or you can uncheck this box and the volunteer will not be able to cancel their offer ----That wraps up the cancellation!

Additional Notes:

  • If you are allowing runners to cancel, be sure about the terms. We often get questions days before the event (when they are no longer able to cancel their due to the USU default setting of 3 days prior). Be sure to update this default date if you are allowing runners to cancel closer to race day than 3 days prior.
  • Cancellation does not issue a refund to the participant unless you have your auto credits set up.

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