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Add Participant Discounts

Registrations >> Coupons & Invitations >> Participant Discounts

Participant discounts are given to specific individuals and are valid for ALL distances in your event. If the participant registers with the specified email, they will see a discount at checkout. This will allow the participant to bypass waitlists or closed events.

You can create a dollar amount or a percentage.



Fill out all information. The discount will be attached to the participant's email address. Once complete click "add discount".


Once the discount has been added, you can find it under "outstanding coupons" at the bottom of the page where you can edit or delete it.


Once the credit has been used, it will appear as a "used coupon".

You also have the ability to "Batch load" participant discounts. You may use this option for "rollovers" IF the price of your event is increasing. A "rollover" credit only credits the runner for 100% of the dollar amount they spent in the previous event. So if they registered for 85.00, they would receive an $85.00 credit towards the new event. If your prices are increasing, and you do not want rollover runners to pay the difference, you can use participant discounts to give your runners a 100% discount so that all cost is covered. The caveat is that they then have a 100% discount to use towards all of the distances.


To batch load, import a 3 column CSV file. Columns must be in this exact order "email", "first", "last". No header names.

Complete all fields, upload your file, and then click "load discounts"

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