Runner Assistance: Edit Your Race Registration

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Edit your race registration:

Menu >> registration history >> scroll to the bottom of the screen >> locate the event you would like to edit >> click the "edit" link next to the event

To edit your registration, navigate to your registration history and click the edit link next to the event you wish to make changes to. If you do not see the event in your history, you likely registered as a guest.

If you were not logged in when you registered, you can edit from your event receipt.

If you need a copy of your receipt, you can request one here:

If any of the below options do not exist, you will need to contact the RD. They have decided to not enable these options for their event.

You can typically contact the director via the Green "Ask A Question" button on the registration page, else, visit the event's website for contact info.

From the edit screen, you have the option to switch distances, transfer your registration to another runner, edit your questions, or cancel your registration.


How Distance Changes work:

If the RD has enabled this feature, you have the ability to move from one distance to another prior to the event. If you would like to downgrade to a cheaper distance, you can, but you will not receive a refund (and cannot change it back on your own). If you would like to upgrade, your original order is removed and you will be issued a credit to re-register for another distance, AT THE PRICE OF THE OTHER DISTANCE ON THE DATE OF THE ORIGINAL ORDER. You will be directed to re-register.

How Bib Transfers work:

If the RD has enabled this feature, you have the ability to transfer your registration to another participant if you cannot make the event. From the edit screen, click the "Transfer Registration" button. Your original order is "removed" and a 100% credit is added to the system for the exact event under the transferee's name and email. The transferee is also sent an invitation that will let them bypass a closed or filled event.