Timing App Publishing Errors

07 April 2023

When publishing results from the app, if all runners were not assigned a status of either finisher(by recording their finish time), DNS, or DNF, then the runner was being published with the status of “Upcoming Open”. This resulted is publishing errors, and live tracking errors. In the results runners uploaded with the -1 status, it would appear as if the past event was still upcoming regardless of event date.

Gift cards!

17 December 2022

We now offer gift cards, and just in time for Christmas! See details here.

UltraSignup Merch!

05 December 2022

Welcome to store.ultrasignup.com, your one-stop shop for UltraSignup merchandise. Discover a wide range of high-quality apparel, accessories, and more that showcase your passion for endurance sports. Whether you’re a runner, race organizer, or a dedicated supporter of the UltraSignup community, our store offers a collection of unique items that embody the spirit of endurance and adventure. Shop now!

Sort your event photos

05 October 2022

You now have the ability sort your photos in event photos. Prior to this update, you had to delete photos and upload them in your preferred order.

Runner results appearance

05 October 2022

When a runner receives a result for events with less than 10 finishers or an unofficial result, the result appears just like other finisher results rather than being sorted to the bottom of the list.

Pagination dots & social menu

05 October 2022

After the recent addition of Instagram to the social menu, we realized that the social dropdown was appearing behind the pagination dots for event photos. All better now!

Results links in notification email

05 October 2022

The results link was broken in the results notification email.

We have updated help links

28 September 2022

We have recently included new and improved links to the Help site and added a fresh FAQ section to the contact page on ultrasignup.com.

Navigation Updates

28 September 2022

We have included navigation links on our website that will direct you back to the Help site and the UltraSignup Podcast.

Date displayed on waitlist invites

28 September 2022

Previously, if your event occurred over a a range of dates, the first date or start date of the event would be displayed instead of the actual start date for the distance when sending a waitlist invitation. We have now corrected this issue to display the correct distance date.

Demographics page load

28 September 2022

Previously, the demographics page would take some time to load due to data collection without any visible indication of the process. This resulted in a blank screen. However, with the latest update, the page now displays a prompt to inform users that their data is being gathered.

Free Form Vs. Multiple Choice Questions

20 September 2022

When creating questions, if you switched between multiple choice to free form questions, the free form question kept the multiple choice answers.

Overlapping Menus On Communications Screen

20 September 2022

When visiting the communications tool, you may have noticed a secondary menu appearing behind the main menu at the top of the page.

Cancelled Events Appearing In Confirmation Emails

20 September 2022

Cancelled events were still appearing in the list of upcoming events in the runner’s registration confirmation email.

Social Share Icons Missing From Registration Page

20 September 2022

Social Share button icons in the banner area of the registration page missing.

We’ve added Instagram to your social menu

10 September 2022

Removed the option to add a blog link to your social dropdown menu on your registration page and replaced with Instagram. This can be found on your event setup dashboard.

Get your code for the timing app

10 September 2022

We have added new details to the “Get your code” page. The new details are meant to help users better understand how to obtain and configure their code for timing purposes. The new video provides a brief demonstration of app features, while the links to guides offer additional information on useful timing  and troubleshooting. We’ve linked new guide and provided tips on common issues that may arise while using the timing app and during setup. 

Participant Screen Dropdown

01 September 2022

This improvement streamlines the participant screen dropdown by placing the most commonly used option, ‘All distances’, as the first and default selection. This eliminates confusion and saves time by reducing the need for users to navigate through alternative options.

Google Tag Manager

01 September 2022

An option to include your GTM ID in your RD Dashboard is now available. This will enable you to track several pages by utilizing tags and triggers. 

Google Ad Words Conversion Label

01 September 2022

The event setup dashboard for race directors now includes the option to integrate a Google AdWords conversion label.

Volunteer Tasks

01 September 2022

As a race director, you now have the convenience of modifying volunteer tasks without requiring the volunteers to register again.

The Trailhead from UltraSignup!

12 August 2022

Buzz Burrell and Corrine Malcolm team up to bring you a lively mix of trail topics, stories, and real runner questions. Whether you’re an experienced ultrarunner or newly “trail curious” and just getting started in the sport, start your run with UltraSignup…and meet us at The Trailhead! Check it out!

Add-On Quantity

01 August 2022

In the past, it was discovered that the Add-on quantity failed to update following an add-on purchase. However, we have rectified this issue.

Delay In Hotlist Updates

01 August 2022

Despite reaching maximum capacity, events were still being displayed on the hotlist, creating the impression that they were available for registration. This has been resolved.

Headers missing from financial export

01 August 2022

We discovered that column headers were missing from the financial export. This has been addressed and resolved.

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