We added user guide links in the communication tool

01 August 2022

The communications tool page now incorporates a link to the newly introduced user guide for the communications tool.

Changes to the appearance of unofficial results

01 August 2022

We’ve made modifications to the presentation of unofficial results. The striking yellow color scheme has been replaced with a format that is identical to official results. Please note that while this updated version does not include rank, it still provides finish time.

Updates to questions quantity

01 August 2022

A negative count previously displayed for question items with no set quantity. This has been replaced with the abbreviation “NA”.

Display multi-day results in days

01 August 2022

If enabled, events that take place over several days can now be displayed in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. (Thanks for the suggestion, Laz)

Added relay captains to participant export

01 May 2022

The participant export now features a dedicated column for team captains.

Added ability to delete email templates

01 May 2022

Our latest update includes a feature that enables you to remove email templates that you have generated within the communications tool.

Email communications container width

01 May 2022

To enhance the appearance of the message when viewed in your inbox, we have widened the container as the email content was previously exceeding its width.

Still sending when test cancelled

01 May 2022

We found an issue with the communications tool. When attempting to send a test, if cancelled, the delivery of the test email is not actually cancelled and it will still be sent. We have fixed this.

Password reset notification delay

01 May 2022

Previously, there were significant delays in receiving password reset notifications. We are pleased to announce that this issue has been resolved.

We’ve improved live last through

01 May 2022

Previously, the ‘Live last through’ feature only allowed up to 5 individuals to be captured at a given time, leading to significant delays in the feed. However, we have now eliminated this limitation by removing the cap on the number of runners that can be recorded at checkpoints. As a result, the ‘Live last through’ function will display all runners recorded, regardless of the number being keyed in.

Required email address format

01 May 2022

It is now required that you enter a valid email address format while registering for an event and creating an account.

Introducing UltraSignup News!

03 February 2022

Get inspired and informed with our free weekly delivery of the best in trail running culture and news. Visit News

Add-on export errors

01 February 2022

If an individual purchases both a registration and an add-on, each amount will appear twice in both columns for that participant’s name. Although the final amount is accurate (i.e. only one registration and one add-on will be included in the final payout), this can be confusing and unclear. This has been corrected.

Platform performance improvements

01 February 2022

Our system has been encountering occasional slow-downs, particularly on weekends, with a heavier incidence on Saturdays. This has resulted in slower publishing of results from the timing application, delays in live publishing and scrolling of results, and extended loading times for administrative tools. This has been addressed.

Lottery & 100% coupons

01 February 2022

The lottery participant and hopefuls screens now include lottery applicants who have used a 100% coupon and the overall count.

Members over 99

01 February 2022

Members who are 99 years old or older can now enjoy the benefits of creating an account, registering, and obtaining results.

Independent add-on orders

01 February 2022

Our latest update includes a new feature allowing you to export participant data, along with independent add-on orders.

We’ve upgraded our communications tool!

01 February 2022

Our latest update includes the implementation of an innovative drag and drop communication tool! See details here.

Lottery confirmation email issue

01 January 2022

After the selection and payment of lottery participants, they should receive a regular confirmation email. However, instead of receiving the proper notification, they are getting an email intended for Waitlist/Lottery. We have updated this so that after purchase is complete, applicants receive an accurate confirmation email.

CSS & navigation update

01 January 2022

We have made some updates navigation & CSS. The ‘Blog’ section has been renamed to ‘News,’ and it now links to the new UltraSignup New website. Additionally, the website’s header and footer logos have been updated to the new logo, while multiple greens have been replaced with the on-brand UltraSignup green. 

Welcome to the UltraSignup Help Center!

26 July 2021

We are delighted to introduce our comprehensive Help Center designed to provide exceptional support to both race directors and runners. Whether you are organizing an event or participating as an athlete, our goal is to ensure that your experience with UltraSignup is seamless, enjoyable, and successful.

At UltraSignup, we understand the importance of clear communication, reliable resources, and prompt assistance. That’s why we have created this Help Center as a central hub for all your inquiries and support needs. Here, you will find a wealth of information, step-by-step guides, and helpful resources to navigate through various aspects of our platform.

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer support and ensuring that your UltraSignup experience exceeds your expectations. Our Help Center is continuously updated with new resources and articles to address your evolving needs. In addition, our support team is always ready to assist you personally should you require further assistance.

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