Runner FAQ

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please also check our Video Guides. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to send us a message.

Account Information

Yes, simply create an account and enjoy the features.

Members have many tools and benefits that non-members do not. Members with an account can upload a photo that is displayed on their results page, setup text and email alerts to remind them of upcoming events or warn them about events that are about to fill. Members can also merge their results if they find results with multiple spellings. Also, members who have registered with us in the past can pay with a single click of a button without having their card.

When you are logged in, go to your account page and you will see an edit link next to your email.

The most common reason for this issue is not that someone else created an account using your email address, but that you inadvertently created an account when registering for an event in the past.

Simply reset your password, and use that account moving forward as we are unable to merge accounts.

The most common reason is that you have not actually created an account.

You do not need to be logged in to register for most events. We do have the option to "Register as a Guest" which is likely how you have registered in the past.

You also do not need an account to have a results page.

If you would like, you can create a new account here:

Under your profile, upload a picture.

The most common issue is that the image is too large. Please compress the image to less than 7 mb and you should no longer get an error screen.

You will need to contact the support team with this request.

We do not have the ability to hide entrant's lists for events on our website, these are considered public events, and results and entrants lists are expected from the people who pay to participate. However, we can block your results page, but you will not be able to see it either.

We also have the ability to block your upcoming calendar, if this is a security issue and you do not wish for people to know where you are going to be and when.

If you do not wish to block your results page, we recommend adjusting your name or creating an alias so that your results can populate there instead. We do not have a way to make your results only visible to you.

My Race Results

If you have a common name you will see all runners with that name on the results page and not just yours.

Results are categorized in our system by first and last name and placed on the same page. On each page, we then group results by the participant's calculated current age.

If you need to move a result to your name and age, you can log in and use the edit link on your results page. This is not available on the mobile version of the website, so make sure you use a desktop to make the changes.

Here is a helpful guide

This occurs when people have similar names, or the race results did not include specific ages. We distinguish runners by gender/age. You can log in and edit your results.

Trophies are accolades given out to runners who have the following: A top 3 Finish in an ultra distance race (events must have 10 or more starters), anyone who currently holds a course record, has placed at an ultra distance National or World Championship race, a top 10 finish at Western States 100, or who has a fastest top 100 time in our database for the following distances: 100M, 100K, 50M, 50K. We are always loading and cleaning data, so if you see something that we missed or needs correcting, please let us know, via our contact page.

Trophies can take up to a week after results are loaded to appear in your results list.

As a reminder - trophies are only awarded to ultra distance events.

Events that don’t use UltraSignup for race registration cannot be viewed, but are listed in your results.

The target column is simply the average winning time of an event over the past 4 years divided by your "Runner rank". Like "Runner rank", it is meant to be a fun way to view your future performances. If you are not happy with the target the computer gave you, use that as a motivator to prove it wrong. It is not perfect and is not meant to interfere with your actual running.

Results are loaded by the event directors, if there is an error with results, please contact them to have it corrected. You can typically reach the director by clicking the green "ask a question" button on the event registration page.

Runner rank is simply an average of your past results in our database. Rank is calculated using past results in our database. For each race, we take the gender specific best time(winner) and divide that time by each participant's time. The result is a value less than 100% with winners receiving the full 100%. The average of the participant's past races is their ranking.

Results are generally published within 3 days of official results being posted. If you do not see something on our site, you can load them up here

Results will occasionally be assigned to the wrong runner.

You can easily claim your results by clicking the edit link in the top right corner of your results page. You will be redirected to a screen where you can drag and drop the result in your section.

The event will only appear in your upcoming calendar if the race director is displaying the entrant list. If they have disabled the entrant list, it will not appear.

Unofficial results usually mean that you switched distances or got off course. You are getting credit for your effort, but you do not get an official ranking.

A no rank finish means that there weren't enough finishers to qualify your event for ranking. The magic number is 10. 

Results are normally loaded by the race director. If there's a problem with your time or you need a correction made, please contact them.

The race director's contact information can be found on the registration page.

You may want to also check the spelling of your name. Sometimes your name is misspelled, so they do not appear on your results page.

Registration Management & Issues

Most events will display an entrant's list on the registration page. You can confirm your entry there. If you were logged in when you registered, you can see your order in your registration history page. If you registered as a guest, you can use this page to resend your confirm.

Yes, click the edit registration link in your registration history.

A waitlist is used by the race director to manage the number of participants in their event. Most events have a capacity and when that capacity is reached, registration typically shuts down. With a waitlist, registration remains open, but registrants are added to a queue. Wait listers are not charged. If the director decides to let people in from the waitlist, each participant will be sent an email asking if they are still interested. If you answer yes, your card on file will be charged and you will be added. If you do not wish to participate, click no and you will not be charged. Directors control whether they intend to have a waitlist and control the selection process on their end.

Some events allow participants to edit or transfer their order. Visit the "Edit" page to see if you can make the changes on your end. You can find the "Edit" link on your receipt or you can access your order on the "Registration History" page (if you were logged in when you registered).
If you do not see that option on your order edit page, you will need to contact the race directly, they have not enabled that feature for their event. You can typically contact the director via the Green "Ask A Question" button on the registration page, else, visit the event's website for contact info.

Popular events that sell out within a day, often chose to hold a lottery for their race. A lottery adds organization to the signup process and ensures that participants have a fair chance at having their application considered. Lottery events typically open registration for a week or two allowing everyone to register for the event. The individual must complete the online application as if they were registering for a non-lottery style event. The applicant enters their payment information, but are not charged unless they are selected. After open registration closes(typically open for 1-2 weeks), the race director draws the specified number of entries from the pool of applications received. That list of orders is sent to Ultrasignup for payment processing, UltraSignup immediately charges the applicant's card. If a card payment fails, the applicant will automatically receive an email to rectify the issue.

By default, you can only cancel up to three days prior to the event. Please contact the RD for further assistance.

If you would like to withdraw your name from an event, simply log into your account and navigate to your "Registration History" link. You may cancel your order there.
If you did not register when logged in, you can still use the "edit" link on your confirmation email. Don't have your confirmation email? You can have it resent here.

Typically, events have a refund policy on their website or event page, check it out and contact the race director, if necessary.


We do not provide refunds to participants, that is a decision made by the specific event director.

You can only add payment methods when checking out, but you can remove them at any time.

You can remove your payment profiles(s) here:

If you are chosen for a waitlist or lottery, and your original card is declined, you will receive instructions on how to update your payment method in your confirmation email.

You can only add payment methods when checking out, but you can remove them at any time.

You can remove your payment profiles(s) here:

The event will only appear in your upcoming calendar if the race director is displaying the entrant list. If they have disabled the entrant list, it will not appear.

You will need to contact the RD with the following questions: 

  1. I don't see the option to edit my registration. (ex: cancel and order, transfer a bib, change distance)
  2. Refund questions
  3. Race day information
  4. Race day registration questions
  5. Directions
  6. Complaints

The support team is more than happy to assist, however we do not manage individual events. The race director will have all the race related information you need!

You can contact them via the "Ask a Question" green button on the registration page.

You may be able to find that information on the event website, or in the description of the registration page. A link to the event's website can be found on the registration page. If not found there, you may want to ask the director. The director can be reached via the green "Ask a question" button on the registration page.

If the registration date has passed, then you can no longer register online. However, the event may offer race day registration, but we cannot confirm that. You will need to check for race day registration details in the event description or possibly on the event's website.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please try contacting the director. The director can be reached from the registration page via the green "ask a question" button.

To see if you are registered for an event, log into your UltraSignup account and navigate to your registration history page. Your registration will be listed there if you were logged into your account when you registered:

Member History 

If you do not see the event there, then you may have registered for the event as a guest. If that's the case, you can use this page to resend your confirm:

Send a confirmation email

If you are registered for the event you will likely see the upcoming event on your results page (in green) IF the race director has made their entrants list public.

If the event you are trying to register for is a lottery or you are adding your name to a waitlist, the event will not appear. In that case, you will want to visit the applicant/waitlist list in question. They can generally be found on the event's registration page. Also remember, if the director has not "activated" the entrant's list, the upcoming event will not appear on your results page.