The USU Blacklist

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USU Blacklist

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Sometimes it is just too risky to have someone participate in your event. Fortunately, we have a solution.

In order to block someone from registering, simply add their first, last, and DOB. If you do not have these, you may enter an email and we will see if we can find them.

Step 1: Add runner information

Step 2: Do you want to block them from a single event or all events in your group?


Step 3/4: Select a reason and make a note for your records


View your blocked participants at the bottom of the page. You can release it/them as needed.


***If you receive this message, then we will not be able to block the participant: "Unable to block. This may be because we do not have a participant with that email, or they have used a variety of names and dob's with that email."

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