Waivers, Photos, & General Tab

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Functions under the Photos, Waivers, and General tabs

Event setup >> edit event >> tabs: General, Waiver, Photos

(breadcrumbs: event setup >> edit event >> general)

    • Change your event to a virtual event
    • Change your event name
      • *Changing the name of your event will also change the name on all historical results, BE VERY CAREFUL. Also, AVOID long names, the mobile page layout will be negatively impacted. It is best to exclude distance and date in your name, which is already included on all pages.
    • Add or update your website link/URL
    • Update your location
    • Add links to your social media pages
  • Your links will appear here:
    • Grab your HTML link:

    • Add Facebook Pixel ID
    • Add Google AdWords ID

The Photos Tab Options:

(breadcrumbs: event setup >> edit event >> photos)

    • Add photos for your event.
      • Events with less than 7 images receive fewer registrations.

Images appear here:

    • Add your banner image by clicking the link pictured below


You can upload a banner file, adjust how it appears in the space, and add a photographer.



Your banner photo should be at least 800px wide. If you are having trouble, please contact us. If you want your banner to be on our front page, it better be a pretty cool photo AND at least 2000px wide.

BEFORE LOADING A PHOTO: Ask yourself "Does this photo make me want to register for this race?". Your banner photo is one of the most important tools to excite people about your race. A good photo will also appear on our front page and receive 15,000 sets of eyes, daily. If your photo has graphics, logos, is out of focus, is not a photo of runners on your course, it will not likely be included on the front page of ultrasignup.

The Waiver Tab Options:

(breadcrumbs: event setup >> edit event >> waiver)

If you do not add your waiver your event registration will not open!


We are not allowed to advise on the content of your waiver, but here is a helpful source: https://www.rrca.org/education/event-directors/event-waiver-templates/  

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