You Can Now Allow or Prevent the Combination of Coupons

21 December 2023

We’ve introduced changes to how coupons work in our system. Previously, discounts and codes could not be combined. The system defaulted to the larger discount when multiple codes were applied. Now, you have control over how your discounts and codes interact.

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We’ve Added a “Time” Column to Timed Events to Ensure Accurate Placement

09 November 2023

We’re excited to announce the latest enhancement to UltraSignup’s results loading capabilities. Now, you can load both a time and a distance column when uploading timed results, ensuring accurate placements and a smoother experience for both you and the participants. Click here for more details.

Management of Unsubscribed Emails

09 November 2023
  • Each record in the “Unsubscribed” table in the UI now has a checkbox.
  • Checking the box and clicking the “Resubscribe” button removes the record from the `usUnsubscribe` table.
  • **Important notes: 
    1. If an email bounces, the contact will end up in the usUnsubscribed table. Resubscribing the contact will not fix the bounce issue, so please inform the contact that before they are resubscribed, they will need to whitelist Once that is complete, resubscribe the contact.
    2. It has been reported that once resubscribed, all missed emails are delivered. We will monitor this and iterate as needed.

Accurate Placement for Tied Results

09 November 2023
  • When participants tie for a position, they now receive the same position number.
  • Subsequent participant rankings skip the next number after a tie following 1, 1, 3 rather than 1, 1, 2 sequence.
  • DP works the same way, placing finishers/ties in the 1, 1, 3 sequence used for overall placement.
  • Overall finisher count displays the correct number of participants.

Single event discounts and group discounts

07 June 2023

We have resolved an issue related to the application and handling of credits for runners who had both a single event participant discount and a group participant discount. Previously, there were problems with applying credits correctly in such cases.

With this update, the system will now prioritize the event-specific credit first and apply it accordingly. Any remaining or residual credit will remain an event-specific credit. This enhancement allows runners to utilize their credits effectively. 

Additionally, group credits will only be applied when the event-specific credit does not cover the full cost of registration. Any residual group credit can still be applied to future registrations. 

Sorting of Participant List for Ticket Sales Events

07 June 2023

We have resolved a bug related to the sorting of the participant list for events with the ticket sales event type. Previously, users experienced an issue with the sort order of the participant list, it is now sorted based on registration date.

Display issue in registration history

07 June 2023

Add-On Purchase Issue: Previously, when purchasing an add-on from the event store, it resulted in the appearance of an add-on purchase for each distance associated with the add-on.

Manage Team: All add-ons and race registrations appeared as relay registrations displaying a link “manage team”.

Now, when purchasing an add-on from the event store, it will accurately reflect the intended purpose as a standalone purchase and not create the appearance of false purchases. The “manage team” link now only appears when associated with a relay registration.

Add-on Export

27 May 2023

Add-on export issue; an issue was reported, race directors unable to export individual add-ons. This has been resolved.

Runner Rank

27 May 2023

Runner overall rank bug; an issue was reported, runner overall rank was displaying ranking for a single event rather than the average.

Introducing Microsites!

27 May 2023

Introducing the new ‘Microsite’ feature: We are excited to offer a WordPress-based website solution specifically designed for race directors who require a website. This feature is currently being released as a beta option. Learn more

Phase II of non-binary released

25 May 2023

We have released the second phase of non-binary updates. Race directors will now see the option to open up a non-binary division for their event while runners will see their non-binary (X) throughout registration and on their personal results pages. See details here

Local time now in real-time!

25 May 2023

We’ve enhanced timezones, and now the “Event’s current local time” displayed on registration pages is in real-time. This update is particularly valuable for events where runners eagerly await registration openings, as it provides accurate timing without the need to refresh the page.

UX/UI Improvements

05 May 2023

We are excited to announce that we have started working on improving the user experience of our site. As you may have noticed, we have made some subtle changes to the site. Our team has updated all colors to colors within our brand guidelines, improved the clarity of tools by updating text, updating icons, rounding images, and more. We understand that an intuitive user experience is crucial for our customers, and we are committed to making ongoing improvements to ensure a seamless experience. In the coming months, you will continue to see changes as we work to enhance the functionality and design of our site. 


07 April 2023

USU Blacklist not working, was not allowing RD to block runners from registration. This was fixed.

Copyright Update

07 April 2023

UltraSignup footer & email template footers updated to reflect 2023.

Ability to upload more than 1500 results

07 April 2023

To support results for larger events, we have removed the limitation of 1500 on the results loader.

Timezone Improvements

07 April 2023

Time zone incorrect across all events. After a recent update to address an issue with the Newfoundland timezone, it threw off all events by 1hr. Local time across all events should now be correct.

Character Limits on Waivers

07 April 2023

When creating, renewing an event or editing your event waiver had a character limit, there was no character limit displayed to the end-user even though there was a limit of 20,000 characters. Now, when adding your waiver details you will see a character limit & current character count.

Email Template Footer

07 April 2023

Text changed from: “You received this email because you are signed up for a race on UltraSignup. If you wish to no longer receive race updates, contact us here.” To: “You received this email because you registered for, volunteered, or are a fan of a race on UltraSignup. If you wish to no longer receive race updates, contact us here.”

States duplicated

07 April 2023

States were duplicated in member profile state dropdown, in guest registrations, and when adding a participant in an event.

External Volunteer Link

07 April 2023

As a race director, you will now see the option to use an external link in your volunteer tool settings. This means that when the “volunteer” button is clicked from your registration page, you can be redirected to your preferred volunteer management tool.

Gift card details in cart and confirmation

07 April 2023

We launched gift cards in December 2022, now the cart summary and order confirmation shows the portion of the order that was paid using a gift card.

Participant item selection issues

07 April 2023

In the “item” dropdown on the participant screen, when selecting “All distances”, the information displayed all distances & independent add-ons. Then when selecting “All distances with independent add-ons”, information displayed was limited to all distances. This has been corrected.

Event widgets not working

07 April 2023

The group widget & UltraSignup event link widget found in your race director tools were not working. This issue was corrected.

Ties in Fixed Distance Events

07 April 2023

Until now, if runners finished an event with the same finish time, the placement column would not allow them to have the same placement. Now runner placement will reflect ties in both the overall placement column & the DP column.

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